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Récipiendaires du prix REACH

Previous Years Awards Ceremonies:

Leadership Award

Sensei Dan Hill

This year’s recipient was described as quiet, resilient, and with a ‘never-quit’ perseverant ‘do-or-do-not attitude.
These characteristics have pushed those around them to achieve more. He sets the bar at reachable levels for those whom he works with. He earns respect, not demands it.
As one karateka wrote: “Everyone who ever meets this Sensei respects this man and looks up to him…and that was before his accident.”
As soon as he was released from the hospital after losing part of his left leg after being struck on his motorcycle, he was back in the dojo in a wheelchair, then on crutches, and later with a prosthetic leg.
And he has kept on doing it, traveling around Alberta to events. His commitment to Karate, Shindo and WKF officiating is appreciated.

Previous Recipients

2018 Sensei Shelley McGregor
2019 Sensei Raye Willms
2020 Sensei Bernadine Jugdutt
2021 Sensei Scott Knowles
2022 Sensei James Freeman

Contributor Award

Sensei Yvon Lebel

This year’s recipient contributions have had an impact at the local and national levels. Their technical wizardry sees the creation of online registrations, big-screen promotion of tournament results, and many hours spent assembling our SWKKF family tree on-line.
As one nominator wrote, he “spends many weekends putting everything together to provide readers with a very impressive Harmonizer. Often when things are almost done, another article comes in and things need to be rearranged. He just does it!!!”

Previous Recipients

2018 Sensei Marco Reyes
2019 Sensei Darren Humphries
2020 Sensei Lauren Pankratz
2021 Sensei Blaine Beemer
2022 Sensei Beverly Beuermann-King

Ambassador Award

Sensei Alice Pinto-Lebel

This year’s recipient worked hard to build community with the local Legion which enabled them to continue classes during COVID. She has built a positive reputation for karate in the community and is instrumental in her club and in her Region. She organizes the tournament, teaches classes, travels across the province to attend clinics and tournaments, and is part of the amazing duo who ensures that we have a Harmonizer to keep us all informed.
As quoted in her nomination, “She manages to give so much of her time to this organization. I don’t think a day goes by without her doing something for our club, our region, or the SWKKF. We have many great people working to make this organization better and she is one of them. Her efforts go beyond expectations and impact everyone in our organization.”

Previous Recipients

2018 Sensei Kris Reynolds
2019 Sensei Darren Humphries
2020 Sensei Calvin Pittet
2021 Sensei Kyle Chambers
2022 Sensei Doug Taylor

Female Athlete Award

Sensei Emily Muddle

This year’s Female Athlete has passion and dedication. She embodies the values of karate, hard work, compassion, and lifelong learning. She is a leader to the karateka and to other Shodans in her club. She trains, participates in clinics and tournaments, and coaches, even providing extra instruction outside of class to those who may be grading or competing.
This female athlete is an accomplished competitor and is a member of the Shintani Team.

Previous Recipients

2018 Sensei Natalie Olson
2019 Sensei Elise Leong-Sit
2020 Sensei Robin Fidyk
2021 Sensei Maisie Rathwell
2022 Sensei Natalie Wong

Male Athlete Award

Sensei Stefan Iordache

This year’s Male Athlete is dedicated, passionate, and approachable, and many youth members are keen to learn from him.
He has demonstrated exceptional dedication to his training and has taken his karate a step further through his success on the tournament circuit, and involvement in the Shintani team. He is a positive role model for those training alongside him and encourages other karate-ka to improve their karate abilities and patiently guides junior karate-ka, taking the time to understand each student's unique abilities and tailoring his instruction to ensure learning proceeds in the best way possible.
His dedication to both his own training and teaching others demonstrates his exceptional work ethic and leadership skills.

Previous Recipients

2018 Sensei Nico Gosselin
2019 Sensei Kyle Chambers
2020 Sensei Brodie Hicks
2021 Sensei Kyle Chambers
2022 Sensei Conrad Graup

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