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Peter Ray Ruch Obituary 2_edited.jpg

Sensei Peter Ray Ruch

1945 - 2022
Kudan – 9th Dan
Previously, Advisor to the SWKKF Senate

"There are no goodbyes for us. Wherever you are, you will always be in our hearts.  Rest in peace, Sensei Peter."

Sensei Peter with Sensei Shintani

Sensei Peter started his karate career in 1976, when he and his children, (Sensei Corry Ruch & Sensei Steven Ruch) joined the Fort Erie Wado Kai Karate Club under the instruction of Sensei Rollie Day.  With hard work and dedication, Sensei Peter Ruch worked through the ranks and was graded to Shodan by Hanshi Shintani.  In the early 1980’s, Sensei Rollie moved from Fort Erie, leaving the club to Sensei Peter.

Heather Fidyk

Comments by Members of the SWKKF Senate

Heather Fidyk

Sensei Peter was an incredible person, his larger than life personality paired with his gift of empathy brought out the best in people, and then we add in his karate contributions.  Sensei Peter leaves a legacy within the Shintani federation that generations to come will enjoy.

Sensei Peter is in my prayers as I remember the incredible time I spent with Sensei Peter, on and off, the floor.

Bruce Perkins
Bruce Perkins

There are very few people that I have come across that compare to Sensei Peter.  He was a warm loving man with an incredible sense of humour.  You never knew what to expect when he decided he was going to have fun.


I had the pleasure of serving with him on the Senate for several years, where I soon learned to respect his intelligence as we started to form a constitution for the SWKKF.  Without his input, there would be no constitution.

I take great pleasure in calling him a friend and always felt better after being in his presence. Thank you Sensei Peter.  Rest In Peace my friend.

Denis Labbe
Denis Labbe

I have so much to say about Sensei Peter Ruch.


I met Sensei Peter through Sensei Peter Ciolfi and Sensei Roland Day.  Sensei Roland was the instructor of the Fort Erie club and, when he moved out west, Sensei Peter Ruch took over the club.  I worked out at Sensei Peter's club and competed with him in tournaments.  


Before the Senate was founded in 1997, Sensei Peter and I and a handful of ranking black belts formed an Executive Committee to assist Sensei Shintani with his organization.  Sensei Peter played a major role in creating the Constitution and By-Laws for the Senate and when Sensei Shintani passed away, I became the President and Sensei Peter was the Secretary General for the SWKKF.


We did many travels together.  He had a great sense of humour.  I remember one time we had a tournament in Hearst, he bought this huge chocolate bar and knowing that I had a love for chocolate he did a presentation for me at the evening banquet.   


His advice was always appreciated and very helpful.  Even after he retired from the Senate, Sensei Peter was always there for me. 


Attached are articles, photos and more information about Sensei Peter.  You may have some of these already.  Within these attachments, you will find many more experiences that I had with Sensei Peter.

Neil Prime
Neil Prime

Sensei Peter Ruch was a fun-loving, likeable, kind gentleman who had a way about him that immediately put people at ease.


Although he was very well known for his carefree spirit and antics, when Sensei Peter was asked a question in regard to a matter of importance, he had a subtle tone in which to convey a message and inform you of the facts or his opinion.  You would walk away feeling better and more knowledgeable about the situation.

There were a few occasions in which I received guidance from Sensei Peter.  One was prior to taking over the management position of the National Team.  The other was why I should represent the SWKKF on the Senate when the time came.  They were not long discussions, as he was clear and to the point.

My wife Lori first met Sensei Peter and Darlene when we stopped in to see him at his house one week before his annual tournament in January of 1997.  The two of them were an admirable couple.  They did not hesitate to invite us in and spend a couple hours entertaining us with stories from soup to nuts.  They were such a delightful couple as they bounced their conversations off each other, one not missing a beat in adding to the other’s stories.

Sensei Peter will be missed in person, but his memory will last another generation.  In memory of a great person!

Darren Humphries
Darren Humphries

Sensei Peter Ruch was one of the kindest and sincerest people I have ever met.  He always had a positive outlook on life, and I rarely saw him without a smile on his face.

I will always remember the weekend trip to San Diego, when the Shintani organization started the international competition team.  The karate was great but the time with Sensei Peter was better.


Hearing his stories and his desire to help Hanshi Shintani move the Shintani Wado Kai Karate Federation forward will never be forgotten.


Along with the rest of the original Senate, Sensei Ruch was a key contributor to the organization we have today.

Thank You Sensei Ruch.  You will be missed.

Darren Humphries 3_edited.jpg
Jim Atkinson
Jim Atkinson

Sensei Peter Ruch was one of the kindest men I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.  For me there are very few people I met and feel comfortable with immediately.  Sensei Peter was one of those people.  To describe him in a few words would be “kind, generous and fun". However, when it came to business he was serious and thorough.


He had so much respect for Hanshi Shintani and the SWKKF and took great pride in protecting our federation’s future.


Sensei Peter was always there for me to offer advice and guidance.  When Sensei Peter retired from the Senate, where he was General Secretary, I was appointed to the position.  He guided me every step of the way in what was to be expected from me.  He was a great mentor and friend.


As a joke he gave me a book called “How to run a successful meeting in half the time.”  This book turned out to be a great asset in how our meetings are run today.


I am very fortunate to have had the guidance and friendship from Sensei Peter Ruch and will forever appreciate his influence in my life.


Rest in Peace my friend.

Jim Atkinson 3_edited.png
Brad Cosby
Brad Cosby

I have personally known Sensei Peter Ruch for over 40 years, initially as a fellow tournament competitor.  He was a strong, imposing and surprisingly quick opponent.


What impressed me the most was that from the time you entered the ring, to the hearing of ‘Hajime’, is that time you establish presence and gain an advantage is always a part of my game and I am not sure if I ever phased him, but I knew he made ME think.  After the match, it would always be a smile, a handshake, a hand on the shoulder, and either “Nice Fight”, or a “You know there will be a next time”, depending on the outcome, and myself thinking ‘hopefully not soon’.

I was on the original Senate Committee with Peter, all of us being handpicked by Hanshi Shintani.  The knowledge Peter brought to the table from his personal life experiences laid the foundation for what the SWKKF is today and will carry on into the future.  I do believe Peter leaving the Senate wasn’t that he necessarily wanted to, but more of a curiosity to sit back and see where the SWKKF would go.

Over the past number of years, I have seen Sensei Peter at numerous SWKKF events as well as worked with him on the Standards and Ethics Committee alongside Sensei Bruce Perkins and myself, and once again I found his knowledge of mediation invaluable to us.

The last time I saw Sensei Peter was at a Standards and Ethics Committee meeting at a coffee shop in Cayuga, Ontario.  I will sadly miss Sensei Peter for what he gave to the SWKKF and to myself personally.  Rest in Peace, Sensei Peter.

Brad Cosby_edited.jpg
Brad Cosby 2_edited.jpg
Ron Mattie
Ron Mattie

The last time I saw Sensei Peter Ruch was at Tim Horton in Port Colborne this past spring.  We had a chance to reminisce about the past, National Team, Roland Day, karate, family, Sensei Shintani and life in general.


I’ve had the pleasure of working with sensei Ruch on the National team when he was the manager and I was the coach.  We travelled across the country and had many great laughs.  I also had the pleasure of sitting on the Senate with him.


Also had some great visits with his wife Darlene and his daughter Cory.  As for his son Steven, I only knew him briefly in his early karate career.

Sensei Ruch and I  competed against each other many times.  I remembered the time he broke his big toe throwing me a kick and hitting my elbow.  Another time, I threw him a roundhouse kick and hit him square in the chest.  It made a really loud noise and everyone looked at us.  He brushed it off and said, “boy the mosquitoes are bad in here”.  LOL

Throughout the years, Sensei Ruch has always been a gentleman and carried himself with the most respect.  He left a positive legacy and represented his family well.

He will be missed greatly as an adviser and a friend.  "In peace by way of harmony."

Ron Mattie 4_edited.jpg
Michel Gosselin
Michel Gosselin

Sensei Peter was a great friend and dedicated member of the SWKKF.  I have fond memories of him as the manager of the Shintani Team and I am honoured to have gotten to know him.  He was a kind, loving and funny person.


I remember being in a store with him, before a tournament, and he was purchasing little things.  I do not remember exactly what it was, but he looked at me and said, “The kids are going to love it”.  He was preparing something special for the kids!!


Spreading joy and happiness was his main focus.


Rest in peace Sensei Peter, we will miss you.

Rick Leveille
Rick Leveille

It was sad news to hear of Sensei Peter Ruch’s passing away.


I have many good memories of Sensei Peter.  He had a calming way with people he associated with and I always appreciated his advice and leadership.


He also had a playful side which I will always remember. I was at an Karate banquet where Sensei Peter led the folks there in a dance ( La Macarena).  It was great fun and his playfulness was contagious.

Sensei Peter was a great Karate Man and he will be missed by all that knew him.

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