Sensei Danny McCoy - Kudan – (9th)

“Sensei Shintani has given me clear direction and instruction which has given me the ability to teach and continue to develop karate the way Mr. Shintani would like” – Sensei Danny McCoy

Sensei Danny started training in Wado Kai karate at the age of 19 under the instruction of Sensei Don Gerard in Timmins, Ontario.  Training together with Sensei Rick Leveille, as Kyu belts the two on a weekly basis would travel many hours around Northern Ontario for instructions and then help instruct classes back in their home town.  At the rank of Shodan, Sensei Danny began training under the direct instruction of Hanshi Shintani.

In 1980, Sensei McCoy moved to British Columbia and throughout the years raised a family and started clubs in Merritt BC, Edson, Hinton and Spruce Grove Alberta.

Sensei Danny McCoyFor over 20 years Sensei Danny was proud to be a part of the Western Canadian Karate Tournament which started in Edson with approximately 30 students and peeked at over 300 participants at Karate events held at Spruce Grove’s Tri Leisure Centre.  The proceedings grew to include a workshop, tournament and Grading in a single weekend.

Sensei Danny currently lives in Calgary, Alberta with his wife Linda and is pleased to be a part of the Shintani Karate Organization as Sensei envisioned.

Sensei Danny was awarded Hachidan (8th) rank August 2013, and Kudan (9th) rank December 2020 from the SWKKF Senate.

For a more detailed biography of Sensei Danny McCoy,  as well as some personal stories of his training with Sensei Shintani please read the article in the April 2008 Harmonizer.


    The Shintani Wado Kai Karate Federation will be the premiere traditional karate and Shindo organization in North America, through the work of our highly skilled and dedicated instructors in developing unparalleled character, skill and pride in our students.


    La fédération de karaté Shintani Wado Kai sera l’organisation d’excellence pour le karaté traditionnel et le Shindo en Amérique du Nord grâce au travail de nos instructeurs hautement qualifiés et dévoués dans le développement des habiletés, du caractère et de la fierté de nos élèves.


    The Shintani Wado Kai Karate Federation is an inclusive organization modeling Hanshi Shintani's kindness and humility, through the teaching of his traditional karate and Shindo.


    La fédération de karaté Shintani Wado Kai est une organisation inclusive dont l’enseignement du karaté traditionnel et du Shindo reflète la gentillesse et l’humilité exemplaires de Hanshi Shintani.

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