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Rick Leveille - Kudan (9th Dan).

Senate Advisor

Sensei Leveille was first drawn to the discipline of karate in 1971 after visiting a Shi to-Ryu dojo in Vancouver. However it was not until 1973, after attending a Wado Karate demonstration m Wawa Ontario with Sensei Don Girard, that Sensei Rick started his karate career.

It was as a yellow belt that Sensei Rick first met Sensei Shintani. He was immediately impressed by his presence, knowledge, and confidence and began attending classes regularly with him from that time on. He graded to Shodan in March of 1977 and has continued to train and instruct Wado Kai, advancing his rank to Hachidan (8th dan) .

Sensei Rick has dedicated his karate career to promoting Wado Kai all over Canada as well as Northern Ontario. He played a pivotal role in developing a network of clubs from Wawa to Fort Francis, Ontario and in 1991 formed the Northwest Ontario Wado Kai Karate Association, which is still active today.

Sensei Leveille now lives in Elkford BC, where he has founded the Elk Valley Wado Kai Karate Club.

Sensei Rick was awarded the Kudan (9th Dan) from the SWKKF senate December 2021.

For a more detailed biography of Sensei Rick Leveille, as well as some personal stories of his training with Sensei Shintani please read the article in the October 2007 Harmonizer.

Rick Leveille - Kudan (9th Dan).
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