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Neil Prime - Hachidan (8th Dan)


Sensei Neil Prime began training karate under Hanshi Shintani in 1978, started the St. Catharines Wado Kai Karate Club with Sensei Mike Bannister in the fall of 1987, was graded to shodan in Feb 1988 and to shodan in shindo in 1992.

As a brown belt Sensei Neil started training outside his own club and was a regular at the Grimsby club (Sensei Brad Cosby and Sensei Brian Chmay) and in Welland, ON. (Sensei Peter Ciolfi and Sensei Ron Mattie). Sensei Neil also trained in many open seminars and camps. From 1991 to 1995 he trained and competed in kickboxing. “I trusted that my karate fundamentals were strong, but wanted to put them to the test of competing in a full contact environment. I found that by having a more structured base that I had a big advantage over most competitors." - Sensei Neil Prime

From 2004 to 2007 Sensei Neil was and alternate team member and manager of the SWKKF National Team. Sensei Neil remained active during the new team selection process and has assisted in coaching as requested.

Over the years, Sensei Neil also trained with the USA Shintani Wado group (Sensei Dr. Bob Graham) and through that group formed the Shintani Combative Group (Sensei Toby Wolfe, Sensei Bill Sorvelli, Sensei Peter Avino, Sensei Mark Flaherty and Sensei Dan Moore). In 2011 they trained the Special Warfare Medical Group, Fort Bragg, N.C. introducing Shintani Wado Kai Karate and Shindo to the elite forces.

Prior to the forming of the Senate, Sensei Neil was an active member of the Shintani Executive Board and participated as one of the initial members of the Tournament Committee, the Editor of the Harmonizer, held the position of Niagara Regional Representative and still holds an active position on the Grading Committee. Sensei Neil is also the co-author in the development of Strategic Sparring Clinics with Sensei Brad Cosby, Sensei Peter Avino and Sensei Walt Fast.

Sensei Neil was awarded Hachidan (8th Dan) from the SWKKF senate in September 2022.

Neil Prime - Hachidan (8th Dan)
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