Shintani Team Evaluation Camps


Evaluation camps are held once a year in the fall. Once the team evaluation camps have been completed, the results are posted.

For the 2019/2020 year the Shintani Team will be divided into 4 classifications. Athletes who meet the eligibility criteria and attend one of the Shintani Team Evaluation Camps may be selected for the 2019-2020 Shintani Team.


During the Shintani Team Evaluation Camps athletes will be evaluated for their skills in both kata and kumite and may be placed onto the Shintani Team Roster.


In order to encourage a greater number of SWKKF members to attend the Team evaluations there will be three evaluation camps for Team selection for 2019/2020. The evaluation camps will be held on the following dates and locations (more information can be found on the events page).

Please note: In order to help defer the facility costs, there will be a $25 per person fee for all participants for each evaluation camp.

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 6, 2019 9:00AM - 3:00PM - CALGARY, AB


SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 10, 2019 9:00AM - 3:00PM - HEARTH, ON


The 2019/2020 Shintani Team will be announced after all the evaluation camps have been completed.

Evaluations will be based on:

  • Tournament results and experience

  • Skill level - technical and tactical

  • Character - including their instructor’s feedback

To do this, the committee has created a thorough set of objective assessment tools which include:

  • results and patricipation at tournaments

  • standardized fitness testing

  • rubric for expectations for technical abilities and tactical abilities in kata and kumite

  • understanding of the philosophy and values of Sensei Shintani

Shintani Team Eligibility Criteria


To become a Shintani Team member you must:

  1. Be 14 years of age or older on the date of evaluation

  2. Be at a minimum rank of blue belt

  3. Be a registered SWKKF member in good standing in a registered SWKKF club

Athletes will be distributed according to the outcomes of the Evaluations. Athletes will be distributed into one of four team positions (Developmental, Junior Elite, Senior Elite, or PARA) based on the numbers associated to each position.​

Current or Previous Team Members


Current or previous Shintani Team members will attend an evaluation camp and will be evaluated each year. If a current team member is unable to attend the Team evaluations the head coach may select them for an Elite level position if they have submitted an application and fee and there are no other Elite level Athletes in the same category at the evaluations.

SWKKF Members who cannot attend the Team Evaluation Camps


Note: You can attend any of the evaluation camps if one time or location better suits your schedule.


Members who are unable to attend any of the team evaluation camps can become a part of the developmental team by submitting an application and payment of the team fee. The member may be evaluated at the following training camp and if an Elite level position is not available they will remain on the developmental team.