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SWKKF Club Startup Initiative

Thinking of starting a karate dojo?  That may be a tough initiative.  But the venture is worth it.  It could be one of the most rewarding experiences of your karate life.


Check with the SWKKF how it can help you and what assistance it offers.


Download the form and application to get started.

The SWKKF offers a one‐time initiative startup for those who require financial assistance.  The following is the eligibility criteria for the program:

  • Must be of the rank of Shodan or up, or under the direction of a Dan ranking sponsor.

  • Must be registered within the SWKKF for a minimum of 3 consecutive years.

  • Must have the recommendation of their Sensei.

  • Must be a new dojo (not an existing dojo or a dojo rename or move).

  • Limited to a one lifetime subscription.

  • Limited to a maximum of $1000.

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