World Kobudo Federation Awards

Capital Conquest - Ottawa
6 November 2022

WKF Ottawa Awards 6Nov2022b.jpg

From Left to Right: 

Darren Humphries (Kyoshi), Neil Prime (Hanshi), Hanshi John Therien (Co-President WKF), Denis Labbe (Hanshi), Ron Mattie (Hanshi), Hanshi Alain Sailly (Co-President WKF), Michel Gosselin (Kyoshi), Jim Atkinson (Hanshi), Jean Yves Theriault (World Kickboxing Champion)

The World Kobudo Federation (WKF) is a non-political world martial arts organization for Martial Artists and Martial Arts Schools, with affiliates in 32 countries and thousands of members.  Its mission is to promote the highest standards of Martial Arts training, integrity, discipline and honor.

Its major annual event for North America (Capital Conquest) was hosted in Ottawa from November 4 – 6, bringing together over 1,000 martial art practitioners from various countries.

A talented group from the Shintani Wado Kai Karate Federation attended the event.  During the ranking and awards on November 6th, several SWKKF members received title recognition similar to the Dan rankings they hold within the SWKKF.

Congratulations to all the recipients.

Shintani Wado Kai Karate Federation
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26 September 2022
SWKKF Senior Rank Promotions

I am happy to announce the SWKKF Senior Rank Promotions.


Each of these promotions is going to individuals that have made significant contributions to the Shintani Wado Kai Karate Federation (SWKKF) both on the floor as karateka and instructors, as well as outside the organization.


Achieving these ranks has been a lifelong commitment to Hanshi Shintani and the SWKKF.

Congratulations to Sensei Neil Prime and Sensei Ray Poulin on receiving the rank of Hachidan (8th Dan).

I am also happy to announce the posthumous promotions for the following.


  • Sensei Peter Coilfi                 Kudan – 9th Dan

  • Sensei Rolland Day               Kudan – 9th Dan

  • Sensei Dominic Morabito     Hachidan – 8th Dan


Each of these individuals was instrumental in shaping the organization we have today.

Sensei Denis Labbé

President - SWKKF

Senior Rank Promotions
Neil Prime 27Sept2022 c.jpg
Sensei Neil Prime
Hachidan  --  8th Dan

Sensei Neil Prime is a direct student of Hanshi Masaru Shintani.  He started karate in St. Catharines, Ontario in the 70’s.

In 1987 he opened his own dojo in St. Catharines and has been teaching there ever since.  He is a current senate member and a key contributor to running the SWKKF.  Sensei Prime is very involved with promoting the SWKKF internationally.


Sensei Prime loves to train and teach.  He had a desire to learn to compete in kickboxing in the 90’s and he had the opportunity to meet and train with Bill “Superfoot” Wallace.  He is now the Canadian representative to the Superfoot System.


In 2019, he was the corner man for Bill Wallace at the charity kickboxing match at Capital Conquest.  This started his relationship with the World Kobudo Federation and today he is the SWKKF liaison to the World Kobudo Federation.


You will see Sensei Prime teaching at the World Kobudo Capital Conquest in Ottawa on November 5th.


Congratulations Sensei Prime on a well-deserved promotion.

Ray Poulin 27Sept2022 b.jpg
Sensei Ray Poulin
Hachidan  --  8th Dan

Sensei Ray is a direct student of Hanshi Shintani.  Karate was something he wanted to do for a long time and he seized that opportunity in 1971 when Hanshi Shintani started the dojo Welland.

In the 80s, Sensei Poulin was the instructor at the YMCA club in Welland.  Needless to say, he is very active in the Welland dojo, and you will find Sensei Poulin training and teaching classes 3 or 4 times a week.  He covers the Friday night classes for Sensei Mattie when he is traveling across the country.


Sensei Poulin currently oversees the Shindo program for the Welland Dojo.

Sensei Ray has always stayed loyal to Hanshi Shintani’s teachings, remained humble and is known as a true gentleman in our organization.

Congratulations Sensei Ray on a well-deserved promotion.

Rolland Day 27Sept2022.jpg
Sensei Roland Day
Kudan  --  9th Dan

Sensei Rolland Day started karate under Sensei Peter Coilfi in the early 70’s in the Niagra area.  He went on to establish the Fort Erie dojo.


In the early 80’s, Sensei Day ventured west and was responsible for starting dojos in Saskatchewan, Manitoba and the Northwest Territories.

His easy-going character and smile was contagious and you always had a great time with him.  On the dojo floor, he was fast and explosive.

It is an honour to present the Day family with Sensei Day’s Kudan Certificate.

Posthumous Rank Promotions
Peter Ciolfi 27Sept2022 c.jpg
Sensei Peter Ciolfi
Kudan  --  9th Dan

Sensei Peter Coilfi was a direct student of Hanshi Shintani.  He started karate in Ontario in the 60’s and quickly established himself as a fierce competitor that brough realism to everything he did. The impact he had on the organization is felt today.

Sensei Coilfi was a quiet man and when he got on the floor, he was one of the most explosive karateka you would ever see.  When he trained, he brought the realism to everything he did.


He will always be remembered and honoured in our organization for his many contributions.  It is an honour to present the Coilfi family with Sensei Peter’s Kudan certificate.

Dominic Morabito 27Sept2022 c.jpg
Sensei Dominic Morabito
Hachidan  --  8th Dan

Sensei Dominic Morabito started karate in Welland, Ontario under Sensei Peter Coilfi.  He was a key member of the dojo and never missed a practice.


You would see Sensei Morabito in the dojo training with the Shintani Teams in the late 90’s, sparring and teaching the team fighting strategies.

This picture was taken when Sensei Dominic was 74 years old.

It is an honour to present the Morabito family with Sensei Dominic’s Hachidan certificate.