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REACH Award Recipients

Leadership Award

Sensei James Freeman

"He is a seasoned professional executive and he brings that experience to the organization and helps everyone think differently."

Previous Recipients

2018 Sensei Shelley McGregor
2019 Sensei Raye Willms
2020 Sensei Bernadine Jugdutt
2021 Sensei Scott Knowles

Female Athlete Award

Sensei Natalie Wong

"Natalie is an incredibly diligent, enthusiastic, and inspired karate-ka. She works hard to improve and is very talented, but more than that, she genuinely takes joy in doing karate."

Previous Recipients

2018 Sensei Natalie Olson
2019 Sensei Elise Leong-Sit
2020 Sensei Robin Fidyk
2021 Maisie Rathwell

Contributor Award

Sensei Beverly Beuermann-King

"Beverly has pushed past the politics of personalities and assisted in the harmonization of the SWKKF Strategic Plan for the future sustainability and growth of the SWKKF."

Previous Recipients

2018 Sensei Marco Reyes
2019 Sensei Darren Humphries
2020 Sensei Lauren Pankratz
2021 Sensei Blaine Beemer

Male Athlete Award

Sensei Conrad Graup

"Conrad comes to class with a smile on his face. He has an attitude to learn, always receptive to feedback, and a drive to continually do better."

Previous Recipients

2018 Sensei Nico Gosselin
2019 Sensei Kyle Chambers
2020 Sensei Brodie Hicks
2021 Sensei Kyle Chambers

Ambassador Award

Sensei Doug Taylor

"Doug was instrumental in all of the Shintani virtual tournaments, and he was second in tech command during the Karate Canada sanctioned PKF selection tournament in Calgary."

Previous Recipients

2018 Sensei Kris Reynolds
2019 Sensei Darren Humphries
2020 Sensei Calvin Pittet
2021 Sensei Kyle Chambers

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