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Shindo Gradings & Ranking

Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced Shindo

To properly introduce Shindo into your dojo the Shindo committee, under the request of Sensei Shintani, developed Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Shindo programs.

For full reference, refer to the Shindo Manual.

The following downloads are available on the Shintani Store:


Shindo Kata List

Below is a list of Shindo Kata guidelines.

Shindo Dan-Level Application Forms (Gold Stripe)

To download the official application click here.

Completed applications can be sent to the chair of the Shindo Committee.  Please ensure before submitting:

  • Student portion is completed fully

  • Instructor portion is completed fully

Shindo Dan Grading Information

The following document is intended to accompany the Shindo grading sheets and contains detailed explanations of each technique of the grading as prescribed there. This is intended to assist in interpreting the techniques only.

  • To download the "Short" form (simplified technique explanations) click here.

  • To download the "Long" form (expanded technique explanations) click here.

Shindo Kyu-Belt Grading Forms

For Dojo Use - Grading Forms for Basic (white stripe), Intermediate (green stripe), and Advanced (brown stripe) levels.

  • Basic Shindo Form (white stripe) - click here.

  • Intermediate Shindo Form (green stripe) - click here.

  • Advanced Shindo Form (brown stripe) - click here.

Senate - Importance of Shindo

The purpose of our letter to you today is to remind you all of a vitally important component of Sensei Shintani and his teachings.

Future of Shindo Important

What if someone was to ask you, “What does Shindo represent, and what do you learn from it?” Could you answer this question?

Origins, Principles, and Concepts

The art of Shindo was devised by Masaru Shintani Sensei, 9th Dan, in the early 1970’s and he started teaching Shindo to his students in the late 1980’s. Sensei had made the Shindo methods and principles known to Otsuka Sensei who gave it his full endorsement.

How to Incorporate Shindo into Your Karate

The first step is to just pick up the Shindo and start! Here are some of my personal thoughts on Shindo.

Introduction of New Shindo Kata(s)

The Shindo committee is dedicated to the introduction of Shindo into the everyday teachings of our organizations students. However, the committee is also dedicated to improving and expanding upon Shindo teachings.

Tasks and Goals

The Shindo committee has been continuously working at fulfilling the dream Sensei Shintani had for Shindo. The goal is to bring Shindo into the lives of all the students in the federation.

Seishin no Shindo

I had thought about what kind of a kata that would be good for the Shindo and decided that a Kitagawa kata would best fit the movements of the Shindo as well as capture the essence of Sensei Shintani's movements.

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