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Wendy & Brittany Logger Memorial Fund

Sensei Jim Atkinson

Sensei Chris Logger

1 June 2020

The Wendy & Brittany Logger Memorial fund was developed by Sensei Jim Atkinson and Sensei Chris Logger on 27 July 2018.


The yearly fund is donated to the SWKKF by the Atkinson & Logger family in honor of Wendy & Brittany Logger.  Last year’s fund was $2,500, with the hopes of it growing in the future.


Wendy was the wife of Sensei Chris Logger and the sister of Sensei Jim Atkinson.  Wendy passed away on 12 October 2016 after battling leukemia.

Brittany was the daughter of Wendy & Sensei Chris Logger and the niece of Sensei Jim Atkinson.  Brittany passed away 9 months after her mother on July 14 2017.


Wendy and Brittany lived in a household influenced by the SWKKF family for many years.  Both were involved either on the floor or in helping and planning karate events.

Wendy shared the date of her birthday in November with the weekend of the Delhi Karate tournament.  She hosted several after tournament socials also held at her house, celebrating both the tournament and her birthday.

Wendy and Brittany are remembered by many family members and friends.  It is an honor to have been part of creating this wonderful memorial to benefit the SWKKF, an organization we all love.


With great pleasure, we are pleased to announce that this year’s fund is $3,000.  At the request of the family, this year’s Wendy & Brittany Logger Memorial Fund is to be cared for by the Shindo Committee in the promotion of the Shindo program across North America.


The Atkinson & Logger family is most appreciative for the entire generous donation toward this year’s fund.  They thank each supporter for helping carry on Wendy's and Brittany’s memory.


Chris Logger

Nancy & Joe Manning

Ed Atkinson

Jim & Karen Atkinson (Delhi Karate)

Tim McCullough (Port Dover Karate)

Lisa Atkinson

Rudi Atkinson

Sharon Beaulieu

Tom Foster (Simcoe South Karate)

Darwin Sherman (Tillsonburg Karate)

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