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In order to remain a member of the Shintani Team, under the supervision of the Head Coach, all team members will be expected to:

  • communicate with coaches in a timely manner through emails and personal contact

  • submit pre-training/competition goal setting and assessment

  • submit post-training/competition goal setting and assessment

  • create an effective personal fitness plan for yourself with input from coaches and team trainer.  Plan will include karate training, mental training, cross training (weights, cardio, etc) and diet

  • follow your personal fitness plan

  • document progress of your personal fitness plan

  • submit regular monthly progress reports to the trainer and head coach

  • demonstrate improvement and skill development in Kata and Kumite, from training session to training session and competition to competition

  • maintain monthly communication with coaches between training sessions using the coaches preferred communication method

  • learn and promote the history of Shintani Wado Kai including knowledge of and respect for Hanshi Shintani & Sensei Peter Ciofi

  • maintain a high standard of team apparel - Kumite Gi’s, Kata Gi’s and belts must be clean, well-pressed and quality material

  • own and maintain current tournament-approved Kumite equipment

  • not consume alcohol at any Shintani Team karate related functions unless approved by head coach

  • maintain the following training schedule:

    • bi-weekly training at your home club

    • team training sessions

    • clinics, regional workouts and tournaments

    • attendance at the Shintani National Tournament

  • be a role model and mentor who can educate and encourage other SWKKF Karateka on the values of the SWKKF at tournaments and training sessions

  • organize and participate in fundraising events, including the Annual Silent Auction

  • attend other area clubs to train and to build connections (highly encouraged)

  • Team members who are minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian when travelling with the team


Any Shintani Team member who fails to meet any of the above expectations may, at the discretion of the Head Coach:

  • be replaced either temporarily or permanently

  • be replaced with an alternate Shintani Team Member

  • not be funded in any way


Shintani Team Outcomes

  • Develop team unity by being a positive role model for athletes, coaches and staff

  • Provide positive leadership for athletes, coaches and staff

  • Respectfully share knowledge and experiences with all athletes and their club instructors

  • Commit the necessary time, effort and sacrifice needed to support the Shintani Team

  • Foster a climate of mutual respect and cooperation amongst Shintani Team members, coaches, management, support staff, and team members home club instructors

What to expect as a Member of the Shintani Team

Shintani Team Financial Obligations

  • All Shintani Team members will be required to raise all funds for tournaments outside of the SWKKF at least 12 weeks prior to travel.

  • All Shintani Team members will be charged a $350 non-refundable Team member fee (due by the end of December 2023). Team member fee includes:

    • all team training sessions (not including travel, meals and accommodations – however billets will be arranged as often as possible)

    • team jacket and shirt (additional apparel not included)

    • Provincial Sport Organization (PSO) membership

    • SWKKF National Tournament & Workshop fees

    • fees for tournament events as determined by the head coach

  • The fee will also cover costs for facility rentals, team jacket/shirt, travel and accommodations and coaching & staff travel. The fee must be paid prior to the end of December 2023. Payment plans will be available.

  • Additional events will be the expense of the athlete.

  • All team members must contribute and participate in the Annual Silent Auction hosted at the National Tournament in May.

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