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Shintani Team Member Selection

For the 2023-2024 year the Shintani Team will not be holding formal Team Evaluations.


Any SWKKF member in good standing who wishes to join the Shintani Team for the 2023-2024 year may do so by stating their intention to the Head Coach and Manager. A sign-up link will then be provided to the SWKKF member for additional information. The member will then be added to the Shintani Team in a developmental role. At the discretion of the Head Coach the member could then be reclassified from Developmental to Elite.


Any person wishing to join the Shintani Team must meet the eligibility criteria below.


Shintani Team Eligibility Criteria

To become a Shintani Team member you must be:

  • 14 years of age or older on the date of stated intention;

  • a minimum rank of blue belt;

  • a registered SWKKF member in good standing in a registered SWKKF club

Please note – Team members who are under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian when travelling with the team.


Athletes will be classified, at the discretion of the Head Coach as:

  • Developmental – Age 14 and older, these athletes will be of average ability with good potential for improvement;

  • Elite – Age 14 and older, these athletes will be of outstanding ability with potential for improvement and usually achieve medal placements at large SWKKF tournaments;

  • Para – Age 14 and older, Athletes with a disability. For competitions outside of the SWKKF the Team will work to find events for Para athletes;


All Team Members, regardless of classification, will attend training camps and tournaments where categories exist for their ability.


Reclassification of Team Position

Throughout the year, at the discretion of the Head Coach, a Shintani Team member could be reclassified from their current team position (ie. from Developmental to Elite or from Elite to Developmental) based on:

  • tournament results and experience

  • skill level – technical and tactical

  • character – including feedback from the team member’s home instructor

  • fulfillment of Team Member expectations

Para Athletes will be placed on the Shintani Team as Developmental or Elite Athletes at the discretion of the Head Coach.

The Shintani Team Commitee has created a thorough set of objective assessment tools which include:

  • results and participation at tournaments

  • standardized fitness testing

  • rubric for expectations for technical abilities and tactical abilities in kata and kumite

  • understanding of the philosophy and values of Hanshi Shintani

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