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Brian Chmay - Hachidan (8th Dan).

Senate Advisor

Sensei Brian Chmay started karate in 1976 under Sensei Dan Davies. Sensei Dan’s dojo was on Parkdale Ave in Hamilton.

Shortly afterwards, Sensei Shintani started a dojo in Hamilton, ON, a few blocks away. Sensei Dan decided that since Sensei Shintani was so close, that he would close down his club and all would all work out directly under Sensei Shintani.

Sensei Shintani later moved from his Hamilton dojo to the Japanese Culture Center (also in Hamilton). This is when Sensei Brian (at a green belt level) first met Sensei Brad Cosby.

Sensei Brian was very pleased when Sensei Shintani opened up a club in St Catharines, ON. Sensei Shintani was also teaching karate at Brock University, St. Catharines, ON – Sensei Brian was working out 3 to 4 times a week between these three clubs with the occasional work out with Sensei in Grimsby.

Sensei Brian received his Shodan rank in 1980 and continue to work out in both locations in St. Catharines, ON.

Sensei Shintani assigned Sensei Brian to teach the Brock University karate classes after his Shodan grading; he taught for the full academic year.

In 1981, Sensei Shintani moved from Grimsby to Hamilton leaving Sensei Brian to run the Grimsby, ON club. At this time, the Grimbsy club was running one day a week. Soon afterwards, Sensei Brad Cosby joined with Sensei Brian and they started running two workouts a week in Grimsby. This was the beginning of the “Grimsby Beach Wado Kai” dojo.

Sensei Brian and Sensei Brad led by example by participating in all SWKKF events and tournaments.

Sensei Brad and Sensei Brian continued to run the Grimsby Beach Wado Kai until August 2007 when the town of Grimsby allocated the Community Centre to other interests.

Sensei Brian has been involved in the SWKKF in many different areas:

  • Niagara Regional Representative

  • Mentor for Sensei Mike Cocco (Head Instructor NOTL Wado Kai)

  • Mentor for Sensei Steve Bone (Head Instructor Grimsby club)

  • Mentor for Sensei Brian Julien (Instructor Timmins Wado Kai club)

  • Assistant Shindo instructor for the Welland Shindo club

  • Assistant Financial Committee member under Sensei Brad Cosby

  • Shindo Committee member

Throughout the years, Sensei Brian has had the opportunity to meet and work out with “many fine people belonging in our organization”. During his employment with the Canadian Welding Bureau (which sent him across Canada to present courses) he had the opportunity to work out with members of the Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatoon and Vancouver Wado Kai clubs.

Sensei Brian’s daughter Michelle and my son Michael are also involved with the SWKKF.

It is encouraging to see them taking an active role in their clubs. It gives me great pleasure watching them gaining experience and recognition among their fellow black belts. They belong to the new generation of black belts, very keen and dedicated to the teachings of Sensei Shintani.

Sensei Brian is an advisor to the senate. Sensei Brian was awarded Hachidan (8th Dan) from the SWKKF senate in December 2022.

Brian Chmay - Hachidan (8th Dan).
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