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Brian Julien - Godan (5th Dan)


Sensei Brian began karate around 1988 at the Grimsby Beach Wado Kai Karate Club under Sensei Brian

Chmay and Sensei Brad Cosby. He was graded to his Shodan in September 1997, a few weeks after his

16th birthday at Confederation High School in Welland, Ontario.

While attending university in Ottawa, Sensei Brian had the opportunity to train with various instructors

from a variety of different karate styles. In 2009, Sensei Brian moved to Timmins, Ontario, where he

trained with Sensei Willie LeBrun. Throughout this time, Sensei Brian would take every opportunity to

train with Sensei Brian and Sensei Brad whenever his travels brought him back to the Niagara Region.

Beginning in 2015, Sensei Brian began training with Sensei Melanie Camirand and together they currently run P.O.P. Wado Kai in Timmins, Ontario.

Sensei Brian was graded to his Godan in both the SWKKF and the World Traditional Karate Association in the fall of 2021.

Throughout the years, Sensei Brian has been on various committees within the organization, including

the Scholarship Committee, Fundraising and Grants Committee, and the Standards and Ethics

Committee. He has also been Regional Representative for North Eastern Ontario for approximately 10


Sensei Brian is a lawyer and continues to live in Timmins with his wife, Julie, and their 4 children, all of

whom are members of the SWKKF.

Brian Julien - Godan (5th Dan)
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