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Darren Humphries - Shichidan (7th Dan)


Inspired by his older brother Jayson Humphries, Sensei Darren began his karate training in Arcola, Saskatchewan in 1986 under Sensei Rathe Mokelky (Rokudan). He was honored to have been graded to his Shodan in the spring of 1990 by Sensei Peter Coilfi and Sensei Roland Day. In January 1998, he received the rank of 1st Dan in Jin Pal Hapkido and in July the same year received the rank of Sandan in Shindo. In September 2021, he received the rank of Shichidan (7th Dan) from the World Traditional Karate Association. In November 2021, he received a Rokudan (6th Dan) in Shindo from the Shindo Federation of North America. In December 2021, he received the rank of Shichidan (7th Dan) from the SWKKF Senate.

In 1996-1997, Sensei Darren was selected by Sensei Shintani and his senior students to be on the first Shintani World Competition Team to travel to Okinawa to compete. Sensei quoted on September 15, 1996 "I think that this team will show the world the true spirit of karate." Although the trip was eventually cancelled, the groundwork was established for the SWKKF National Team. He was a member of the National team in 1997-1998 and 2002 – 2004 at which time he competed across Canada and the United States.

Sensei Darren has been involved with numerous committees and has been active in the growth and development of Shintani Wado Kai in Saskatchewan and Alberta. He became Sensei Rathe Mokelky’s assistant instructor in the late 80s and early 90s; teaching at several clubs in South Eastern Saskatchewan and then later founded clubs in Findlater, Saskatchewan. In 2005, he founded the Dynamic Karate Association of Alberta based out of Northwest Calgary Alberta.

He is currently the head instructor and treasurer for the Dynamic Karate Association of Alberta and operates clubs in NW Calgary and Turner Valley, Alberta. Sensei Darren resides in Calgary, Alberta with his wife Deborah, son Carter and daughters Lexi and Maya.

+1 (403) 671-5662

Darren Humphries - Shichidan (7th Dan)
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