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Shelley McGregor - Rokudan (6th Dan)


Sensei Shelley started her Karate journey in 1987 at the Edson Club under the guidance of Sensei Danial McCoy. She was graded to Shodan February of 1992 and in June, 2019 was promoted to Rokudan by the Senate. She has achieved her Level 4 instructor certification in the SWKKF. In May, 2019 she received the rank of Rokudan from the World Traditional Karate Association and has since obtained her Level A instructor qualification and Level A examiner qualification.

Sensei Shelley moved to Whitecourt, Alberta in 1993 and took over the Whitecourt club as head in 1998. She has enjoyed hosting numerous tournaments and events over the years. In 2012 she became President of the Alberta Shintani Karate Association and leads the clubs in their development.

She has been involved on numerous committees and still remains an active contributor, is a past provincial representative of Alberta, organizes and instructs the Shintani Kata course. She aided in the Kata production of Volume 3 and Volume 4 where she demonstrates Chocodo.

Sensei Shelley and her husband Grant continue to reside in Whitecourt, Alberta where they raised their four children, Brandon, Cameron, Conner and Shantelle. Two of her children are black belts in the SWKKF.

Sensei Shelley’s believes:

  • Focus on the positive

  • Be kind to yourself and to others

  • Keep training, keep learning, enjoy your karate journey and above all - have fun!

Shelley McGregor - Rokudan (6th Dan)
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