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The Shintani Wado Kai Karate Federation (SWKKF) Safe Karate Program has been developed to provide Karate-ka of all ages and at all levels of karate development the ability to participate in the SWKKF karate clubs, tournaments and events in a safe environment free from abuse. The SWKKF's mission is to be a family oriented organization which follows Hanshi Shintani’s values to create positive role models. Through the Safe Karate program the SWKKF is committed to creating a culture of Safe Karate through abuse and injury prevention, education, and accountability.

Concussion Protocols

Concussion Protocols

Concussion Protocol

The Shintani Wado Kai Karate Federation has developed the Shintani Wado Kai Karate Federation Concussion Protocols to help guide the management of athletes who may have a suspected concussion as a result of participation in Shintani Wado Kai Karate Federation activities.

This protocol covers the recognition, medical diagnosis, and management of ATHLETES (KARATE-KA) who may sustain a suspected concussion during Karate/Sport activity. It aims to ensure that athletes with a suspected concussion receive timely and appropriate care and proper management to allow them to return back to their sport safely. This protocol may not address every possible clinical scenario that can occur during karate/sport-related activities but includes critical elements based on the latest evidence and current expert consensus

Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Incident Reports related to injury during club/dojo supervised trainings and/or events.  The SWKKF has an online form which can be filled out and submitted online.  This will assist the organization should there ever be a need for insurance.  Reports will be confidential and will be accessed by the Executive.

Education - Safe Sport Training


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The SWKKF has chosen the Safe Sport Training offered by Coaching Association of Canada.


All head instructors, co-head instructors and instructors who teach on a regular basis should take the training.


Minimum requirement for each club/dojo, as part of the Club Charter, the Head Instructor is to have the education completed by August 2021.


Better practice is to have all instructors complete the training.

Prevention - Screening


Screening Instructors and Volunteers

The SWKKF understands that screening instructors and volunteers is a vital part of providing a safe karate environment.  It has become a common practice among sport organizations that provide programs and services to the community.


This Policy applies to all individuals whose position within the SWKKF is one of trust or authority which may relate to, at a minimum, finances, supervision, minors, and/or persons with a disability.

Not all individuals associated with SWKKF will be required to obtain an E-PIC, a VSC, or submit a Screening Disclosure Form.  This is because not all positions pose a risk of harm to the SWKKF, its clubs, or to its participants.

The SWKKF will determine which individuals will be subject to screening using the guidelines provided in the policy.


"The Shintani Wado Kai Karate Federation is an inclusive organization and welcomes full participation of all individuals in our programs and activities, irrespective of race, ancestry, place of origin, colour, ethnic origin, citizenship, creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender identify, gender expression, age, marital status, family status or disability. In line with other sport organizations/universities, SWKKF members will be eligible to compete which corresponds with either their sex assigned at birth or their gender identity."



Copies of the following resources are available to SWKKF members.

Click on e-mail icon.

  • SWKKF Bylaws and Constitution

  • SWKKF Conflict of Interest Policy

  • SWKKF Standards and Ethics Policy

  • SWKKF Harassment Policy 

Additional Resources

Additional Resources

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You may find the following third party resource also beneficial.

  • Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport

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