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SWKKF Training Programs

It's often said that learning karate is a lifelong journey, taking consideration and effort.  You need to make time and space for it.

Skill sets in karate are best taught in person.  There is no replacement for that.  However, our world has changed.  People today want immediate access to information.  And it has to be relevant to their instant needs.

Think about how you are likely to approach a task at home.  You turn on a YouTube instructional video to understand what has to be done just before you begin your task.  This requires you to know where to go to access that video information.

This is the objective of the SWKKF website -- to provide you with a single source where you can access what you need or find clear directions to where the information can be obtained.  The information can relate to clinics, videos, instruction manuals, online courses, certifications, etc.   It could relate to refining a particular skill set or even starting a new karate club.

With the help of various Committee Members, the SWKKF has developed a series of training programs.  These programs or instruction sets are available Online or through Clinics conducted by highly skilled senseis (instructors).

Programs and Clinics Offered by the SWKKF

Shintani Black Belt Clinics & Gradings

  • SWKKF will assume all costs associated with Black Belt Gradings

  • Host Responsibilities:

    • Book Friday evening facility for clinic

    • Book Saturday facility for grading

    • Plan a banquet

    • Collect fees

  • Recommended pricing to help cover facility costs

    • Friday Clinic $25.

    • Saturday Grading: $25 - $40

Shintani Instructor Course & Certification – Level 1, 2, 3 & 4

  • Developed and instructed by Sensei Ron Mattie

  • Instructor Course (2 day clinic)

    • Learn Hanshi Shintani’s theory and philosophy

    • Apply theory and philosophy to techniques and teaching methods

  • Four instructor certification levels

    • Level 1: Brown Belt, Shodan Black Belts

    • Level 2: Nidan and up

    • Level 3: Nidan and up

    • Level 4: Yodan and up

  • Certification Requirements

    • Shintani Instructor Course

    • Additional Shintani courses and workshops

    • Security check

    • Standard CPR / First Aid

    • National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) or equivalent national program

Click here for more information.

Shintani Kata Clinics

  • Shintani Kata’s

    • Kitagawa taught these kata to Hanshi Shintani

    • Seisho was developed by Hanshi Shintani

    • Eighteen Unique Kata to the SWKKF

  • Clinics

    • Taught by instructors selected by the Shintani Kata Commitee

    • Range from 1 – 3 kata in a day

    • All members can participate (Juniors, Seniors and Black Belts)

    • In-person or Virtual Online

  • Cost: Junior or Single Kata - $20. Full day Clinic - $50.


Shintani Kihon Kumite Clinics

  • Developed by direct students of Hanshi Shintani (Sensei Denis Labbe, Sensei Bruce Perkins, Sensei Ron Mattie, Sensei Jim Atkinson, Sensei Neil Prime, Sensei Brad Cosby, Sensei Danny McCoy)

  • Learn Hanshi Shintani’s favorite Kihon Kumite techniques

  • 36 techniques taught in two clinics

  • Taught by direct students of Hanshi Shintani

  • Video reference is on the Shintani store

  • Cost: $50.


Bunkai – Level 1, 2, 3

  • Developed by Sensei Ron Mattie, Sensei James Freeman, Sensei Darren Humphries, Sensei Kris Reynolds, Sensei Craig McCleary, Sensei Craig Pettie

  • Learn how to analyze the movements in kata to find the underlying fighting concepts behind the techniques and apply them to real self defense situations

  • 3 Levels of Bunkai

    • Level 1: Foundations and concepts involved in analyzing stances, grips and strikes

    • Level 2 (in development): Joint locks, arm bars, break falling

    • Level 3: Open Clinic to analyze and work a kata

  • Can attend any level. Recommended to attend Level 1 as a foundation

  • Cost: Level 1, 2 or 3 - $100. Instructor’s Course - $140.


Self Defense – Level 1, 2

  • Developed by Sensei Darren Marshall to bring awareness

  • 2 levels of Self Defense

    • Level 1 (2 Day clinic):

      • Learning difference between Self Defense, consensual martial arts and sport fighting

      • Environmental awareness

      • Managing adrenal stress

      • Defensive applications

    • Level 2 (2 Day clinic)

      • Passive / Aggressive Stance

      • Vulnerable targets

      • Attack drills

      • Pad drills

      • Ground work

  • Cost: Level 1 or 2 - $100.


Sparring Strategies Clinics

  • Developed by Sensei Brad Cosby, Sensei Peter Avino and Sensei Neil Prime

  • 2 Day clinic

  • Increase speed and range of motion

  • Enhance footwork to maximize distancing and timing

  • Identify students' strengths and weaknesses

  • Learn strategies to maximize strengths

  • Learn how to capitalize on opponents’ weaknesses

  • Cost: Full Program - $100. Kyu Belt Participants - $25.


Judging Training

  • Phase 1 Certification

    • 6-hour course divided into 2-hour sections

    • Qualify Blue belts and higher as scorekeepers

    • Qualify Black Belts as corner judges

    • Qualify Sandan and up as centre referees

  • Refresher Clinic

  • 3 ways to offer judging training

    • Night before a tournament

    • Attend full day clinic

    • Online Videos for refresher

  • Phase 2

    • Focus on scoring techniques and what makes a point

Click here for the Online Training Course.

Click here for Tournament Scorekeeping.


Shindo – Basic, Intermediate, Advanced

  • Basic Shindo

    • History of Shindo

    • Basic principles

    • Kata: Chonan No Shindo, Shindo Nidan

  • Intermediate Shindo

    • Hand grip transitions

    • Combinations in motion

    • Take downs

    • Kata: Cio Bo Tie

  • Advanced Shindo

    • Shindo Kumite

    • Advanced combinations

    • Kata: Seishin No Shindo

  • Cost: Basic, Intermediate or Advanced - $50. Weekend Clinic - $100. Weekend Clinic Family of 3 or more - $250.

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Club Startup Initiative

Click here for more information

Black Belt Clinics & Gradings
Kata Clinics
Kihon Kumite Clinics
Self Defense
Sparring Strategies
Judging Training
Club Startup Initiative
Instructor Course and Certification

For further information on Clinics, please e-mail Sensei Denis Labbé.

To host a clinic or grading download and fill out the Calendar Of Events Form and send it to

Also refer to Policies & Procedures  Policy 6 Mandate Phase 1

Sport Excel - ZoneQuest Online

Sport Excel -- ZoneQuest Online

High Performance Program

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